Real Estate Cyber Consortium (RECC): Creating a Path to Cyber Harmony


Realcomm recently published their Summer 2023 edition of Edge Magazine and Greg Fitzpatrick had the opportunity to provide an article reintroducing RECC to the Realcomm community and outlining how we achieve CYBER HARMONY in the commercial real estate industry and throughout its supply chain.

Here are 10 of the main take-aways from his article:

  • Real Estate Cyber Consortium (RECC) was formed in 2016 to address rising cyber threats in commercial real estate.
  • RECC is a leading force in driving cybersecurity standards for the built environment.
  • RECC represents over 45 organizations responsible for 12.5 billion sq. ft. of property management worldwide.
  • RECC’s leadership board meets monthly to share insights on best practices and industry trends.
  • 2023’s hot topics include network monitoring tools, risk frameworks, incident response plans, and integrating cyber into construction.
  • Focus on the effect of operational technology (OT) on managing and securing built environments.
  • Goal is to achieve “Cyber Harmony” through collaboration and adoption of best practices and specifications.
  • There is a need for thought leaders to come together from various disciplines in the industry.
  • It is important to bridge the gap between facilities and IT departments and implementing internal OT teams.
  • The industry need to collectively develop a commercial real estate OT playbook, with advancements in technology and industry protocols.

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